Anti-plagiarism policy

The journal’s editorial board opposes falsifications, plagiarism, submitting articles to several journal simultaneously, repeated copying of the article’s content in different works, and deceiving the public as to the real contribution of the authors to their publication.

The Editorial Board adheres to the legislation of Ukraine in the field of maintaining academic integrity (Law of Ukraine "On Education", Article 42 "Academic Integrity). Therefore, manuscripts containing breaches of academic integrity are not allowed for consideration in the journal. According to Paragraph 4 of Article 42 of the Law of Ukraine "On Education" a breach of academic integrity is academic plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

Academic plagiarism is the promulgation (in part or in full) of scientific (creative) results obtained by others as the results of one's own research (creativity) and/or reproduction of published texts (promulgated works of art) by others without attribution.

Plagiarism occurs when pieces of text have been copied and pasted without proper and unambiguous reference to the original source.

Self-plagiarism is the promulgation (in part or in full) of one's own previously published scientific findings as new scientific findings.

Duplicate publication occurs when an author reuses substantial parts of his/her own published work without providing appropriate references to it. This can range from publishing an identical article in multiple journals to "rewriting" and/or adding a small amount of new data to a previously published article.

Papers submitted to the journal will be screened for plagiarism using plagiarism detection tools.  The editorial staff uses the online system

Also, the editorial board has the right to withdraw even the published article under the condition of finding-out of the infringements of someone’s rights or standard norms of science ethics. The journal’s editorial staff informs on the withdrawal of an article both its author and the organisation where he / she executed the work.