Yu. Tarnovych, “Nash Lemko”, journalism, socio-economic problems, cultural and educational topics.


The purpose of the research is to understand the multifaceted issues of the journalism by Yu. Tarnovych in the columns of the “Nash Lemko”. The methodology of the research is based on an interdisciplinary approach. In the article there have been applied the following methods and approaches: systematic, comparative and critical analysis of the source base represented by large text arrays. The use of the content analysis method made it possible to interpret various newspaper information correctly. The scientific novelty of the article consists in an attempt to analyse the interwar journalism of Yu. Tarnovych comprehensively. The Conclusion. Taking into account the journalistic work of Yu. Tarnovych on the pages of the “Nash Lemko”, we should note its diversity and multifaceted issues discussed. Their circle defined the very life of the Ruthenians, which was well known to the editor-in-chief from his own experience. It allowed Yu. Tarnovych to identify the causes of the Lemko community numerous problems and offer effective ways for overcoming them. What is important, he did it not from the position of an external observer, but in a constant respectful dialogue with his wise, albeit poorly educated reader. Owing to such a trusting tone, the inhabitants of the Ukrainian Beskyds, overcoming the insularity formed over the years gradually, gained valuable experience in the social activism. This dialogue turned the “Nash Lemko” into an important platform of the Ruthenians' public communication in their struggle with life’s challenges and constant confrontation with the arbitrariness of the Polish administration. The solidarity promoted by Yu. Tarnovych’s journalism proved to be extremely useful for the Lemkos on the eve of the numerous trials brought by World War II and later mass expulsion from their native lands. The conducted research proved that the journalism of Yu. Tarnovych is a significant component of his creative heritage. Its comprehensive study should bring us closer to the creation of an intellectual biography of this prominent Lemko figure.


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