The purpose of the research – is to examine and reconstruct the specificity of a human factor in town management at the territory of the South of Ukraine in the second half of the 18th – at the beginning of the 20th century. The research methodology is based on the principles of scientificity, historism, verification, author objectiveness, the frontier theory, human dimension, regionalism and also on the use of general scientific (analysis, synthesis and generalization) and specific historical (historical and genetic, historical and typological, historical and systemic) methods. The scientific novelty consists in the fact that the formation of a new socio-cultural reality and geo-political changes resulted in involving representatives of the Western European countries into management of the Southern Ukrainian region and towns that changed the bureaucratic system of the Russian Empire. That made it possible to transform the South of Ukraine into important centers of the economic life of both the region and the country intensifying modernization processes. Such processes are strongly related to the participation of deputies and foreign employees in the municipalities and the activities of public management in the towns of the South. This study considers bodies of self-government as a specific mode of activity of municipality deputies. Special attention is focused on characterization of their role in the practical activity of public elective institutions. The Conclusions. The results of the research contain the information that a deputy of a local self-government is considered not as a political construct, but as a personal and individual phenomenon reflecting different behavioral patterns of self-government deputies better and expressing their cultural values more obviously. The study also emphasizes that the towns were managed by the representatives of different socio-professional layers that enhanced the individual features of the region when compared to other regions of the country.

Key words: the South of Ukraine, local self-government, deputies of public government, municipality, administrative and territorial organization.


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