Summary. The aim of the research is to display the «Prosvita» society history in Horodok town; to analyze the main directions of its activity during 1909‒1939. The research methodology is based on thehistoricism, systematic, scientific, verification, author copyright principles; on the general scientific methods application: analysis, synthesis, generalization; the special historical methods have also been used (the historical-genetic,the historical-typological, the historical-systematic ones). The scientific novelty consists in the fact thatthearchivalsourcesdatahavebeenanalyzedandsystemized in the article, the «Prosvita» society mainfunctioning directionshave been established in Horodok town, in particular, the «Prosvita» society influence on the district branches. Conclusions. The «Prosvita» society activities took place under extremely difficult conditions of Polish-Ukrainian relations complication and the repression in the 1920-ies and 1930-ies. The local authorities obstructed the numerous events, initiated by the «Prosvita» society, took into custody the activists and even for a period of time closed the «Prosvita» society in Horodok. An additional complicating factor was the noticeableMoscophiles influence, who, by their ideology, disoriented the part of the Ukrainians in the city, thereby limiting the «Prosvita» society potential resources.

The literacy spread, the national consciousness development, the economic information dissemination were of an utmost importance concerning the «Prosvita» society activities. The «Prosvita» society activities branch in Horodok was in charge of the district (povit) societies, facilitated the activation, interconnection, cooperation and creation of new societies;the libraries were organized at each reading room; two travelling libraries were created;there were the books swapping between the district (povit) reading rooms, and some courses for the illiterate were introduced.

Thepublic lectures on various aspects of Ukrainian history and culture, the economic aspects, and spreading sobriety were important activities of the society. Much attention was paid to the theatrical and choral groupswork, the concerts, celebrationsorganization, which was a means of national consciousness developing, culture, as well as a way of raising funds for the public affairs. The young people education was of great importance, and the cultural and educational section of «Prosvita» society branch worked effectively.

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Horodok, Horodotskyi povit, «Prosvita» society, theatrical group, choirs, reading rooms

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